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About Tripicking

Tripicking is a big shared travel diary.

You can use Tripicking:
to remember your travels;
to consult for planning future trips, thanks to advice ideas offered by other people who have passionately shared their experiences.

You'll find people looking for ideas for trips to plan and, at the same time, people describing their own.
Everyone, of course, can cover both roles, starting a continuous exchange of information and ideas and creating this big travel diary.

By signing up you will be able to interact with travelers to request specific information, to follow who has the same taste in traveling as you, to pin down places and itineraries not to be forgotten, to be yourself a traveler who offers his experience...

because we believe that the best way to find out about a trip to make is to ask who really did the trip!

If you don’t find what you need, please contact us directly. We’ll make our best to help you ;)