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What is a memomap

What it is

The memomap is an empty map that you can use as a bulletin board where to pin up all the destinations that you want to visit in the future, just like reminders!

Why use it

The memomap helps you to remind the places you wish to visit. It surely occurred to you to look at others travels experience and thought to yourself, "cool ...I want to go there too" but then forget about it. With a memomap you can have a list of cities, nations, places and destinations that have intrigued you, making sure you'll no longer miss them.

How to use it

There are four ways to use a memomap:


  1. Create a memomap from scratch
    For example: do you already have in your mind some places that you want to visit on your next trip to Puglia? Just click on "create a memomap" in your profile area and step by step enter the point of interest for your next trip.

  2. Create a memomap starting from an itinerary
    For example: did the local breweries of an itinerary in Belgium intrigued you? By clicking on the "save stage" button that you'll find among the options in all the stages of the itinerary, you can create a new memomap with those memos already inserted or update with the new stages a memomap previously created.

  3. Turn a memomap into an itinerary
    For example: During your last trip in Puglia have you visited the stages of the memomap related to this trip? By clicking on the "convert to an itinerary" button that you'll find in the memomap, the point of interest will convert automatically in an itinerary.

  4. Use a memomap while on the road
    For example: are you finally in Puglia? Access your memomap to check the places you have already visited and keep track of the ones still missing!
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